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About Kaptio

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Kaptio provides enterprise Software-as-a-Service solutions for companies in the travel industry, helping travel companies manage customers, agents, suppliers, proposals and operations in new innovative ways. We deliver our solutions via the Salesforce platform, the worlds #1 cloud platform and we are the first company to focus on the travel industry within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Kaptio is known as a agile and reputable Salesforce consulting partner helping companies across almost every industry implement Salesforce.com technology. The company is currently moving away from it’s consulting and custom development services, shifting its focus into becoming a product oriented company.

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  • UK office: +44 (0)20 3859 7331
  • Iceland office +354 578 5400

About Kaptio Travel

Kaptio Travel helps travel service providers manage the Proposal-to-Operation lifecycle and relationship management with customers, supplier and agents. The solution helps travel companies create better proposals, increase deal size, shorten sales cycles and win more deals.

The product can be used by a number of providers within travel, including inbound and outbound tour operators, travel agencies, destination management companies (DMCs) and other travel service providers. Initial focus is on inbound tour operators and travel agencies.

About the founders

Arnar Laufdal Olafsson and Ragnar Fjolnisson are the founders of Kaptio.
Arnar and Ragnar are focused on building a powerful company which provides immense value for our customers. This value is delivered through our talented employees which go the extra mile to solve problems using innovative and agile technology which can grow with our customers needs.

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