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The Enterprise Travel Platform. Built on Salesforce

Kaptio Travel helps travel agencies, hotels, tour operators and cruise companies to work smarter, faster and more accurately. All the crucial information is readily available at their fingertips and with full automation. Our solution is built on Salesforce’s platform, allowing you to easily manage your business in the cloud and ensuring you the highest quality, scaleability and flexibility needed to adapt in the rapidly changing travel landscape.

Modern approach for selling travel

Connect and engage with your suppliers and customers directly within Kaptio Travel. Deliver beautiful notifications, content and bookings to your stakeholder and automate your sales and operation process to increase employee productivity.

It’s Salesforce, but for travel!

Get the benefits of the same cloud, security and innovation as Salesforce’s 150,000 other platform customers, but with the industry specifics of Kaptio.

Fully configurable and extendable

Like Salesforce, Kaptio Travel is a fully configurable and extendable platform, both by business users and developers. The Salesforce community also has one of the largest open ecosystems of partners, apps and developers in the world.

Travel booking and sales platform

Manage all your sales, bookings and operations. Give your employees the power to get the full customer profile, with the powerful CRM capabilities of Salesforce combined with all products, quotes and bookings and supplier relations from Kaptio Travel – all within the same cloud platform.

The buying behaviour of travellers is changing!

Are you prepared to be a leading provider in personalised experiences?

Benefits For Your End Customer

Meet your customers’ expectations with a fast and personalised service, where your customer gets the WOW feeling from the stunning proposals and itineraries they receive.

Benefits For Your CFO

The system allows the CFO to see real-time information on the company pipeline, win vs. loss ratio, employee performance and much more.

Benefits For Your Sales Team

The system makes it easy to create professional and customised proposals with access to up-to-date information from your product catalog. It supports the sales team in being more efficient taking care of our customers which results in an increase of revenue for the company.

Benefits For Your Company

Give your administration a tool that helps them make fast and more informed decisions based on good reporting from all departments and the ability to quickly identify changes in the market or recognise opportunities that they can act on

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