Salesforce Powers Kaptio’s Travel Reservation Platform

Author: Leadership Team

A Travel Booking Software For All Departments

One of the main challenges for a travel company is changing their core booking platform. Multiple disconnected systems and a system overhaul that cuts across their entire business mean that often companies are reluctant to change. There have been many failed attempts at implementing new systems, and because these systems cover the entire business across sales, finance, operations, customer service and product, it is important that the new solution can easily be configured to support the key business processes. Rigidity has the power to hold clients back, desiring to change the new system to “mirror the old system.” Kaptio, platformed on Salesforce, delivers one central solution for all departments.

Why Salesforce For Our Travel Technology?

Our decision to utilise Salesforce as our core travel CRM platform was because it covers many of the functions every business needs. Kaptio did not want to reinvent the wheel. Business functions can be supported by customer service tools (Service Cloud), integrated telephony (i.e. Vonage), the sales process (Sales Cloud) and integrated marketing (Marketing Cloud). All best of breed applications running on the world’s no 1 CRM and service platform, Salesforce.

Additionally, Salesforce has the customer record at its core. Finding travel booking software that is customer-centric rather than booking-centric is vital to meeting your customer expectations. What Salesforce lacks is a travel reservation platform—that’s where Kaptio shines. Fully integrated into, Kaptio Travel sits within Salesforce’s customer-centric platform benefiting from the integrated services mentioned above. Kaptio Travel delivers the complex functionality required of a travel booking engine. Our all-inclusive solution incorporates the customer 360 view and provides booking tools to search cost and book targeted, personalised holidays, whilst handling all of the complexities of integrating with both contracted allocation and 3rd party suppliers (flights, hotels etc.).

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The Partnership between Kaptio & Salesforce

Let’s break down the term ISV (independent software vendor). Kaptio is an ISV with Salesforce; our partnership allows us to build and grow a powerful niche travel reservation platform sourcing their unmatched tools and resources from the AppExchange. Our co-founders took their travel industry experience and desire to offer tour operators something better and more streamlined than our segment had seen before. We leveraged these established innovative tools and added our reservation solution to provide a genuinely unrivalled SaaS travel platform. We collaborate and develop alongside Salesforce, offering a travel technology solution that is agile and customisable to each of our individual client needs.

Top 5 factors that solidified our decision to partner with Salesforce.

  1. Rated the #1 CRM in the world
  2. SaaS scalable platform
  3. Reliability with unsurpassed uptime
  4. Customer-centric vs booking-centric
  5. Fully configurable solution extending both operational processes and Kaptio’s booking process

"We knew building on Salesforce was going to give us a competitive edge and a strong foundation. In 2012, a few travel brands were exploring the use of CRM, and we were ready to deliver a more powerful all-inclusive solution that was going to shake up the industry," —Ragnar Fjölnisson, Kaptio co-founder.

The Value of a Kaptio Salesforce Consultant

Using a Kaptio consultant who is also a qualified Salesforce administrator gives you complete power over your travel reservation platform. Training your team members as a Salesforce admin and who is highly knowledgeable in all Salesforce tools and functions supports your organisation with the ability to continuously customise as your business evolves.

Whilst your team develops new products and offerings, your Kaptio Salesforce Consultant then identifies how to configure both the travel CRM and the travel booking software to optimise your business processes.

Having a Kaptio Salesforce expert supporting your team is essential to staying up to date. This expert keeps you current on Salesforce’s three major releases per year, and Kaptio’s single-core platform gives you a competitive edge in using your travel technology to the fullest.

Team Kaptio is Comprised of Salesforce Experts

Our robust team of Salesforce consultants, architects, and developers are not only tech-savvy but also have travel industry expertise. Take, for example, Karen Magnúsdóttir, Kaptio Consultant who previously worked for Iceland Travel and Kaptio’s Salesforce Consultant, Fergal McMenamin, who worked for The Travel Corporation.

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Fergal is 5x Salesforce Certified, worked directly for Salesforce, and has 9+ years of experience as a consultant. Having worked for worldwide travel brands gives him and Kaptio insight into the elaborate needs of travel operators. We are proud to have multi-disciplinary team members who bring travel knowledge and software expertise to each of our client’s implementations.

Fergal stays abreast of best practices and all new feature releases from both Kaptio and Salesforce. He has the unique role of witnessing and guiding product growth, involvement in our product roadmap, and extending Kaptio’s Travel Platform using Salesforce.

About Kaptio

Kaptio Travel is a next-generation travel reservation platform for travel companies. Built on the Salesforce Platform, Kaptio delivers the entire end-to-end customer journey from lead, through to sale, on trip and post-trip, plus a 360-view of your customer.

Want to know more about Kaptio Travel’s features and capabilities—connect with our sales team to see how Kaptio Travel Platform can move your business forward.