Robust Expedition Cruise Tech Secures Bookings

Author: Team Kaptio

Travel Tech Aiding in Expedition Cruise Traveller Reassurance

As travellers start researching and exploring their bucket-list adventures, highly sought after expeditions will be on the list. With safety measures put out by the CDC, plus standards by the individual cruise operators, travellers will feel reassured again to book expedition cruises. Simulated voyages started in Spring 2021 with the crews and volunteers practising new protocols in welcoming passengers aboard.

The consumer trend for exploring and enjoying more exotic and less-well-known destinations and activities has created greater demand for expedition cruises over the years. The right cruise travel software makes the whole planning, booking and travelling experience simple, seamless and attractive for both customers and staff.

Prior to COVID-19, new expedition ships were due to launch, bound for some of the most remote waterways and wildernesses on earth, making these destinations more obtainable. We look forward to these ships making their maiden voyage and the crews delivering unforgettable experiences.

Why expedition cruise tech is even more vital moving forward

  1. Safety is a top concern for travelling alongside others outside your family, and the reassurance during the booking phase will have significant impacts on earning the sale.
  2. Competition in this travel niche will be fierce as cruise operators set sail; customers will be looking for the added value that differentiates their cruise company.
  3. An expedition cruise is a significant expense and often a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity, so expectations will be even higher, especially in the areas of providing attention to detail and exceptional service.

The question is, will those customers book with you—or will a competitor get the booking? Companies will need to make greater use of their data and cruise travel software to help make their team members more efficient and productive.

Kaptio has deployed expedition cruise tech for some time now, and we spotlight an Australian implementation, Aurora Expeditions. Kaptio’s reservation system is built on the agile Salesforce CRM platform, enabling this operator to manage their cruise operations effectively and communicate with customers better before, during and post-trip.

Oceans of Possibilities with Travel Tech

Aurora Expeditions makes for a great example of the complexities that today’s expedition cruise retailers overcome using our cruise booking system. They specialise in authentic, small-group polar voyages and off-the-beaten-track destinations—the rugged Kimberley Coast, for example.

Aurora Expeditions is at the forefront of providing immersive, experiential activities like sailing south of the Antarctic Circle in Shackleton’s wake, sea kayaking between ice floes, and scuba diving in the Arctic. Fortunately, the Kaptio cruise booking system is a lot easier to navigate than some of the routes they offer! It puts the customer firmly at the heart of their whole selling and booking process.

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Kaptio understands when planning expedition travel, customers will need reassurance that they’re getting the right trip for them. They’ll want to ask specific questions about itineraries, plus receive a quote to review with their travel mates. Kaptio’s travel tech ensures advisors have relevant information at their fingertips when helping customers both online and off, which enables them to provide answers swiftly and confidently whilst securing the booking.

Benefits to a SaaS Cruise Booking System

  • Realtime Inventory: Agents are able to quickly provide up-to-date details on itineraries and activities, expedition ship cabin categories, sizes, layouts and deck plans etc.
  • Upselling Tools: Kaptio makes it easier to check availability and pricing, pre-and-post travel options, flights, pre/post voyage accommodation—and all the added extras that make the difference.
  • Central Client Record: Kaptio cruise travel software provides a synced, 360° view of all customer interactions to help advisors control the booking and after-sales processes.

Using an all-inclusive travel tech solution like Kaptio helps cruise expedition companies maintain consistency of service and high standards, enhancing reputations and fuelling growth.

Aurora Expeditions launched their state-of-the-art ship—the ‘Greg Mortimer’—named after the company’s founder. Spectacular fact, did you know that in 1984, Greg Mortimer and his expedition partner, Tim Macartney-Snape, became the first two Australians to reach the summit of Mt. Everest, and they did so without the aid of supplementary oxygen? Aurora Expeditions encompasses the true spirit of adventure!

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However you lead expeditions—on land or sea, why not have a chat with us about how our cruise booking system can help your business break new ground and lead memorable journeys.

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