A Travel CRM Perfect Pair: Salesforce + Kaptio

Author: Team Kaptio

Read along as we discuss why Kaptio + Salesforce is the perfect pair, creating a customer-centric travel CRM platform for travel brands servicing tailor-made, FIT, and escorted tours.

Our perfect pair marries a single platform for buying, selling and operating travel with the most powerful CRM on the market. Our solution has the customer journey at the centre with a seamless integration from front-office to mid-office to back-office.

The success of converting is higher when your travel software includes customer information (CRM), contacts, inventory, bookings, and contracts. Specifically when everything you need to service your travellers is available to you, right inside your travel tech solution.

Travel Software Built Upon Salesforce

Why Salesforce for our travel tech? Our decision to utilise Salesforce as our core travel CRM platform was because it covers many of the functions every business needs. Kaptio did not want to reinvent the wheel. Business functions can be supported by customer service tools (Service Cloud), integrated telephony (i.e. Vonage), the sales process (Sales Cloud) and integrated marketing (Marketing Cloud). All best of breed applications running on the world’s no 1 CRM and service platform, Salesforce.

Kaptio has developed an end-to-end travel CRM platform connecting all operational departments. With a robust travel CRM on board, our travel platform is a single solution that is truly customer-centric, empowering clients with a 360-degree view (aka customer 360 for travel).

Salesforce has the customer record at its core. Fully incorporated into, Kaptio Travel is positioned within Salesforce’s customer-centric platform benefiting from the integrated services mentioned above.

Customer-centric Intentionality with Travel CRM

Delivering on customer-centricity is intentionally planning and executing the customer experience pivoting exclusively around the customer. Customer intelligence, all touch-points with your brand, is gathered and analysed inside our system without hiring a Data Scientist.

Authentic customer-focused engagement stretches far beyond the booking phase. Having a holistic approach comprehensive of Google’s 5 Stages to Travel is also vital. Quick reminder, the five stages are dreaming, planning, booking, experiencing, and sharing.

Without a foundation like Salesforce, other travel tech providers cannot offer the ability to be a truly SaaS solution, integrating apps without development. From an integration standpoint, others in our industry are hard pushed to deliver the flexibility that Kaptio seamlessly provides.

Kaptio's Architecture & Scalability Perks:

  • Integrate Apps Without Development
  • Endless Flexibility
  • Easy to Customise & Extend
  • Multi-tenant Architecture
  • Proven Implementation Blueprint
  • Minimal Downtime
  • Layered Security Architecture
  • Uncompromising Quality Backed by Salesforce
  • Reliable Infrastructure & Highly Responsive

Our all-inclusive travel software incorporates the metrics that matter, offering continuous feedback and dynamic stats. All in addition to providing booking tools to search cost and book targeting, personalised holidays, whilst handling all of the complexities of integrating with both contracted allocation and 3rd party suppliers (flights, hotels etc.). Below is an example of a custom dashboard showcasing how managers can stay on top of their respective sales, inventory, or profits.


About Kaptio

Kaptio Travel is a next-generation reservation and travel CRM platform for FIT, Escorted Tours, and Cruise Operators. Built on the Salesforce Platform, the world’s No 1 CRM, Kaptio delivers the entire end-to-end customer journey from lead, through to sale, whilst adventuring and post-trip, plus building a 360-view of your customer.

Want to know more about Kaptio Travel’s features and capabilities—connect with our sales team to explore your options.