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Travel Software for Fully Independent Travel (FIT) Tour Operators

Powered by the Salesforce platform, Kaptio travel itinerary software is the easiest solution on the market to create tailor-made itineraries for Fully Independent Travel (FIT) tour operators.

Tailor-made itineraries for FIT are often long and complex, but with Kaptio travel itinerary software’s unique online quote and communication platform you can quickly collaborate with your customer on or offline. Kaptio itinerary planning software allows you to view all of your customer preferences and communications to easily build personalised itineraries.

With Kaptio travel itinerary software can also create mini tailor-made FIT packages (we call them bundles) for easy itinerary booking plus you can swap in and out components to suit your FIT customers needs.

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Kaptio Travel Itinerary Features


  • Create complex tailor-made FIT itineraries

  • 360 Comms dashboard

  • Flexible components to suit your customers needs

  • Collaborate with your customer on or offline

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The Kaptio Cruise Company Booking System

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