Travel Technology – What Role Does it Play in the Customer Journey?

Author: Team Kaptio

International tourism opened up the opportunity to travel far and wide to previously untouched places. Travellers are more demanding; they want to cram in loads of different places, stops and experiences into one trip! Travel is becoming increasingly accessible and exciting as is the travel technology that makes it possible. As customer demands grow, so does the demand on travel technology to become increasingly intelligent. Yet the main objectives for many customers remain the same, they want a great experience and want their trip to be hassle-free, know who to turn to if things go wrong, and want a clear itinerary to avoid missing flights or transfers.

Travel technology must deliver at every stage of the customer journey and provide the tools to satisfy customer demands. Building and delivering complex travel itineraries that excite not confuse is a key deliverable of any travel company. Those that fail risk losing customers. Customers will turn to your competitors who have nailed how travel technology should deliver on customer expectations.

Kaptio has become so advanced, think about the layers and layers of information that have to fit together to provide the perfect trip! Not to mention being adaptable to change at the very last minute when the unforeseen happens.

The customer sales cycles are getting longer, gathering information and decision making at each stage are becoming more complex. There are more points of contact and, most importantly, the volume of purchases are much larger with customers being willing to pay for the trip of a lifetime. But with that comes opportunity.

Kaptio’s 5 Steps to Success

  1. Build complex itineraries – our travel technology gives you the tools to build rich, beautiful, itineraries to inspire your customers.
  2. Quote and communication platform – Kaptio’s booking system’s unique online quote and communication platform can quickly collaborate with your customer on or offline.
  3. Travel CRM – view all of your customer preferences and communications to easily build personalised itineraries.
  4. Salesforce – all built on Salesforce, and it’s easy to integrate.
  5. Agile – we can turnaround projects in weeks not months.

Kaptio’s PCI compliant payment interface and the Salesforce Service Cloud functionality is second to none. If you’re a FIT (fully independent travel agent) or Tour Operator and want increased results, then get in touch today to discover how Kaptio Travel Technology can help you.