What is Customer 360 for Travel

Author: Product Team

Kaptio Explores Why a 360-degree View of Customers is Essential in 2021

The ultimate goal for tour operators is achieving a central customer record or a 360-degree view of their customer found in one seamless CRM and reservation platform. Couple this with a real-time communications platform, and you can connect with your customer on their terms and using their preferred comms channel, whether that is call, online chat, email or social platforms.

By now, you’ve probably heard us talk about how Kaptio Travel offers an end-to-end travel technology solution. Let’s take it a step further and dive into what a customer 360 for travel looks like. With a robust travel CRM on board, our travel booking software is a single platform that is truly customer-centric, empowering clients with a 360-degree perspective.

Customer-centric Benefits

The benefits of a single system for managing your reservations, marketing, operations, and finance is how to deliver on customer 360 for travel. When your travel CRM is the host to your customer accounts, contacts, inventory, bookings and contracts—why leave? Especially when everything you need to service your travellers is right inside your travel booking software.

Authentic customer-focused engagement stretches far beyond the booking phase. Having a holistic approach comprehensive of Google’s 5 Stages to Travel is also vital. Quick reminder, the five stages are:

  1. Dreaming
  2. Planning
  3. Booking
  4. Experiencing
  5. Sharing

5 stages illustration.png

What is gained by having a 360 view of your customer?

  • Hyper-personalised information—such as how much your customers are spending, why they purchase, how they make decisions, and what drives their behaviour.
  • Taking control of touch-points—your team will have access to a centralised customer record seeing where the customer engaged with your brand last, may it be via chat, email, or personalised proposals.
  • Higher closure rates and profitability—understanding of how to capture a larger share of the customer-spend.
  • Competitive advantage—not being left behind or without real-time data to make strategic decisions.

Surfacing these intuitive touch-points no longer wows the customer; it’s now the expectation. To remain relevant with prospects, tracking all the communications and touch-points your brand has had with each customer is vital. Touch-points such as email, web-chat, social media, proposals, etc., and deeply understanding their journey with your company helps reiterate they are making a smart choice.

The consumer intelligence we’ve described above is gathered and analysed via a customer 360 for travel profiling platform, which can be replicated without having a Data Scientist on staff. Partnering with an all-inclusive system built on top of a powerful travel CRM will equip your team in gaining market share and growing your operations. The graphic below highlights how Kaptio Travel encompasses the entire customer 360 for travel operations.

Kaptio end-to-end summary v600 (3).jpg

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5 Ways you know you have a 360-degree view of your customer

  • Operating from a single platform inclusive of a travel CRM
  • Providing pertinent information along the customer journey, essentially wowing the traveller at every stage
  • Personalised automation, streamlining operational processes
  • Agents equipped with all the appropriate information at hand to quickly close sales
  • Your team leverages predictive analytics, resulting in data-driven decisions

Kaptio’s Expertise in Customer 360 for Travel

Our COO, Jon Pickles, joined Kaptio in 2018, bringing a wealth of knowledge of CRM, having worked with the likes of TUI, Thomas Cook, The Travel Corporation, Cosmos and many more. He led early initiatives with all these travel companies, gaining insight from all aspects of the traveller journey and booking phases, using this data through marketing and call centre single customer view (SCV).

Jon has been presenting on personalisation and a customer 360-degree view to support the travel buying process as well as the operating process and not only for the B2C journey but also supporting the B2B process partnering with the valued Travel Agency Network (even more important since COVID). To say the least, our team is highly focused on equipping clients with everything needed to operate from a full customer 360 for travel view-point.

From Salesforce’s ebook, A DIGITAL ROADMAP TO RECOVERY FOR TRAVEL & HOSPITALITY, it is reiterated that travel technology plays vital roles in recovery. “Strong digital capabilities are helping Travel & Hospitality companies lead through change by making companies more responsive and resilient.”

About Kaptio

Kaptio Travel is the next generation travel booking software that places customer experience at the heart of your business. Our sales and operations platform is powered by Salesforce, freeing travel companies from legacy systems—equipping them with a cloud-based travel technology solution, transforming the customer experience, and delivering operational efficiencies. To get an insider perspective, connect with our sales team.