What Does the Future Hold for Travel in 2021?

Author: Leadership Team

Tourism has probably been the worst affected industry since Covid-19 hit. The strict measures placed on travel limits have started to be lifted very slightly for essential travel, raising the question of what does the future hold for travel in 2021? For those of us in the travel industry the thought of a holiday takes on a new meaning, not only does it mean rest and relaxation, it more importantly, means work.

With the majority of the travel industry either on furlough, fire-fighting re-bookings, insurance claims and cancellations, we are craving normality more than most. The admin that has gone hand in hand with such an unprecedented change has been agonising; we are dealing with a unique situation that we are simply not used to.

Although the future of travel is unknown, we know that travel will not and cannot simply disappear. What travel looks like will ultimately reform and the forthcoming months will be telling. What is clear is that whatever form it takes, those with an agile and robust travel technology platform like Kaptio are in a strong position to move forward. Our travel technology was put to the test, and it has emerged stronger, reinforcing our belief that we are the best travel technology provider for the enterprise travel sector.

Built on Salesforce, our travel CRM platform has enabled travel agencies, tour operators and fully independent travel companies to react swiftly by communicating quickly and adapting to demands efficiently. Our clients are free of legacy systems which are hard to change, at its very core Kaptio gives our customers the power to embrace change and new ways of working.

Existing customers are in great hands with us, and we encourage potential customers, now is a great time to consider a change. Tourism is one of the most resilient industries in the world, but only if you embrace the future change and think ahead. Expecting change and being agile is key to survival.

5 Steps to Future-proofing your Travel Business

  1. Put CRM at the heart of what you do – use a system with a strong CRM system that clearly, quickly and efficiently communicates sudden changes to customers, is flexible and agile so it can adapt to deal with anything the future throws at it.
  2. Keep up with digital changes – if your current system is struggling to keep up with anything digital, then considering change now is key. Digital moves so fast if you don’t keep up you’ll get left behind quickly.
  3. Customer collaboration – work with a system that collaborates online and offline seamlessly and effectively with customers.
  4. Agility – being agile to change is vital if we’ve learnt anything from the past 3 months; it’s that a system that seamlessly integrates with all areas of your business and is adaptable is a vital ingredient to success.
  5. Build complex itineraries – our travel technology gives you the tools to build rich, beautiful, itineraries to inspire your customers. We don’t know what shape travel will form in the future, but it is likely to re-emerge with many safeguards built-in. These changes will inevitably evolve, and having a system which can treat each customers’ trip and any safety measures imposed by each destination as unique is crucial.

We expect travel to get busy again soon, but until it does it’s a great time to assess existing systems and resources and if they are falling even slightly short of expectations – change. Be ready and be prepared for whatever the future holds with Kaptio. For those that do, you will come out bigger, better and stronger.

Our industry has been totally decimated, and we are hoping that restrictions on non-essential travel, the 14-day self-isolation will be lifted so we can start the “new-normal”. Travel is a wonderful industry, and we all look forward to returning as soon as we can. My team looks forward to continuing to support our existing customers and take on new ones. Jon Pickles, Kaptio COO