Unrivalled Customer Experience with Travel Booking Software

Author: Product Team

The Future of High-touch Customer Experience with Luxury Travellers

How do we define customer experience amidst the aftermath of COVID? Customers require a seamless and connected digital buying experience that offers assurance and high touch service.

Travel providers are challenged to strengthen their customer experience (CX) strategies and personalise engagement with necessary data points available to win the sale. Kaptio accomplishes this with a powerful CRM onboard, coupled with the Kaptio Travel reservation platform, creating a single view of your customer and one source of truth. A 360° view provides the essential insights to the right sales agent at the appropriate time. From there, operators have what they need to understand consumer behaviour, anticipate travel trends, and develop new destinations and tour products.

Who’s Responsible for Customer Experience?

A recent report by the Harvard Business Review highlights how customer experience is everyone’s responsibility, not only front-facing team members. “Behind-the-scenes operations impact CX just as much as interactions with store associates and customer service agents. Website design and development teams must create intuitive user interfaces that make shopping and checkout easy and fast. Supply chain managers must flawlessly fulfil inventory listed as promised on an ecommerce site.”

Connected Experience Accomplished with a Travel Reservation Platform

When teams work together, accessing the same single source of truth, your organisation can provide a customer-centric approach. With the increasing number of touchpoints, digital and physical, during the course of planning and taking a trip, providing a seamless experience goes a long way in guest satisfaction. A fully connected experience is one that is convenient for the customer and naturally promotes repeat bookings.

Kaptio’s travel reservation software empowers you with a central platform for every department, all whilst tapping into Salesforce’s CRM, which equips operators to place the customer at the centre of every interaction. We chose to utilise Salesforce as our core CRM platform with its many resources and functions that every business needs. Business functions can be supported by customer service tools (Service Cloud), integrated telephony (i.e. Vonage), the sales process (Sales Cloud) and integrated marketing (Marketing Cloud). To understand more about our partnership with Salesforce, read our blog, Salesforce Powers Kaptio’s Travel Reservation Platform.

Tracking Customer Engagement Inside a Travel Booking Software

“If executives don’t take the time to answer the questions, how did my customers change and how can I deliver better experiences in this new world, then they are going to miss the opportunity of all of this disruption,” states Brian Solis.

Tune into this interview by PhocusWire, Brian Solis on a new age for customer engagement in travel.

Solis goes on to say:

  • 31% of individuals expressed that due to the way that businesses value their customers and employees, they have less trust for the business.
  • 61% of customers refrained from buying from businesses as a result of misaligned values resulting from the pandemic.
  • 75% of people have tried a new brand or service during COVID, and they plan to continue with them.

There is major opportunity to gain new customers, customers that want to align themselves with companies of similar values. This interview also highlights how even though Amazon is not a direct competitor to our clients, they are still in competition with the best of the best brands who offer top-notch service as a result of new expectations. Our industry is challenged to level up customer engagement to the pace that other industries are leading the charge. Customers have grown accustomed to the new digital-first and high-touch approach, not wanting to revert to past ways of shopping and buying.

Removing Friction Points

Travel brands are tasked with identifying friction points for travellers and easing the burden. Operators who don’t solve these challenges will be left behind; personalisation and connected experiences are how brands will retain and gain new customers.

_35% increase.png

Traveller Satisfaction

We leave you with an impressive statistic, after implementing Kaptio, our clients see an increase in customer satisfaction of 35%. We associate this increased satisfaction with two significant improvements that customers benefit from when travel providers upgrade their system to Kaptio.

  1. Customers are impressed with the image-rich e-docs giving them loads of information at their fingertips, including product destination videos, links to travel articles, and simply the more sustainable, digital offering.
  2. Customers enjoy a more personalised trip as a result of tour directors having more personal data, preferences, and special needs from each traveller. This CRM data equips the tour director with the detailed insights to create wow experiences.

Has your organisation reevaluated customer experience goals to realign with the new post-COVID traveller? Recognising how your customers have changed will help update your unique selling proposition and speak directly to these values and needs throughout the sales process.

About Kaptio

Kaptio offers a single travel reservation platform for selling, buying and operating travel. We encourage you to get in contact with our team and start the conversation about how your organisation is positioning itself to not only survive but thrive in 2021.