Travel Tech Partners That Value Sustainability

Author: Team Kaptio

Kaptio Reviews Sustainability Efforts In Our Sector

Sustainability is an important topic in travel, and we are excited to share our initiatives and how our team operates. We are delighted to be surrounded by clients and vendors that also value carbon neutrality, energy efficiency, and positive social impact.

Our foundation on Salesforce who is also highly invested in net-zero efforts, makes for an even more appealing and aligned partnership. Salesforce was recently named a winner of the 2021 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards for the second year in a row. “The SEAL Sustainable Product Award honours innovative products that are ‘purpose-built’ for a sustainable future. The SEAL Awards celebrate companies that are leading in sustainability efforts and positive environmental impact to treat climate change with the urgency it requires.”

Sustainability Stats with Salesforce:

  • Achieved Net Zero and 100% renewable energy
  • Empowering organisations to track and reduce their carbon emissions with Sustainability Cloud
  • Expanding Net Zero to its entire value chain
  • Project for trillion trees and ecosystem restoration
  • Offering a blueprint to accelerate the individual journey

Sustainability Cloud aids customers in tracking and reducing emissions, helping to take action with the understanding of the business’s environmental footprint. This data is not only important for meeting internal goals and evaluating financials but for building a reputation and trust.

Travellers Choosing Environmentally Conscious Businesses

Travellers are prioritising purchasing from companies that are committed to the environment, “58% of people are willing to spend more with businesses that fight climate change.” We are taking the opportunity to spotlight a few of our clients that are fully aligned and make efforts to protect and preserve the environment whilst focusing on carbon emissions.

Travel Brands Reducing Their Environmental Impact

Many of our clients have bold initiatives for carbon neutrality, conserving the regions they operate within, and reforesting efforts to offset emissions.

The Travel Corporation founded the Tread Right Foundation with three pillars: planet, people and wildlife. Their ethos is Make Travel Matter, and they have facilitated 60-plus sustainable tourism projects. A few highlights include removing single-use plastics, 200,000 trees have been planted with One Tree Planted, their coach fleet uses efficient Euro 6 engines, and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

Cruise operator, Aurora Expeditions operates at 100% carbon neutral, reduces fuel consumption by piercing waves with X-BOW ship design, and responsible travel ashore. Aurora also pays special attention to efficient energy, water and waste management with eco-friendly products and cleaning onboard. As founding members of IAATO and AECO, their team of researchers, naturalists, and conservationists are serious about its environmental footprint.

Audley Travel encourages travellers to offset flights and makes offsetting available on all Audley quotes. Their team has been working closely with long-time partner, ClimateCare, offering carbon offsetting on flights since 2009, easing the impact of emissions and supporting their global carbon reduction strategy. Plus, they’ve implemented detailed policies for the welfare of captive and wild animals—offering only ethical alternatives. Lastly, they were honoured with Travelife Partnership due to their sustainability and corporate social responsibility achievements.

sustainability loop.gif

Team Kaptio is proud to be an Icelandic company where 100% of our electricity is generated with renewables (hydro and geothermal). This supplies electricity, heat, and transportation for our country and businesses. Paired with Salesforce's net-zero blueprint, we are on a sustainable travel tech journey.

Kaptio’s travel reservation platform helped one client save approximately $650K per season in sending out paper quotes and tour documents. They now send beautifully branded, HTML enabled documents for guests to view and save digitally, eliminating massive amounts of paper waste.

Sorting Flights by CO2 Emissions

As we look to see how the industry is responding to traveller interest, Google Flights is an interesting example. When using Google Flights, travellers can sort by CO2 emissions. This feature is found on the right side of the results screen and can be ordered from lower to higher emissions or based on low emissions only. Also, when a train is an alternative option for the same destination, travellers will see the rail option listed on Google Flights search results with the corresponding CO2 emissions as well.

We look forward to seeing how sustainable practices within the travel industry continue to take the spotlight in 2022.

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