Travel CRM: Communication, Essential Part of the Customer Experience

Author: Team Kaptio

When you have an amazing product that you’ve put time and effort into, you don’t want your business systems to reduce its potential. Using an advanced travel CRM Reservation platform helps you communicate well with your customers and build their trust and loyalty to your brand.

5 Key Challenges to Selling in the Digital-age

  1. Customers may contact you on different devices like mobile phones and tablets or use a variety of channels. They might switch channels mid-way through or ask a question on social media and then decide to call in or using web chat to finish their ‘conversation’. This makes continuity of conversation challenging.
  2. There may be many different stages of the customer journey to handle, from lead through to sale and trip through to post-trip. Your client may contact you to get detailed insights into the places they’re travelling to or instructions on how best to get there. They might like to know about ‘must-see’s and ‘must-do’s. They need you to bring their trip to life for them, and you need information on complex itineraries at your fingertips so you can respond confidently, quickly and accurately.
  3. Your customers also want personalised service, and they would like you to remember their past interactions and preferences.
  4. Your marketing campaigns need to be on-point and timely, but you can only do this if you have rich information about your customers at hand when planning and setting them up
  5. There is plenty of competition out there if your contacts don’t like what you offer, so you need to get it right every time. Without a single platform that captures all your customer communication and helps you store and manage data properly, details can get lost and your staff may struggle to provide that dream service your customer wants to experience.

Reservation Platform with Travel CRM

The only way to do things well is to integrate all that information in the travel CRM with a booking system. By joining up the processes, they’ll be easier to work with and your people can be confident that they’ll have the answers at hand. Our next-generation reservation system is built on a true customer relationship management platform. This is not just any old CRM, it’s Salesforce the world’s No. 1 CRM –and it’s straightforward to deploy and use. The platform will automate tasks and streamline operations. It will help your team be consistent and accurate in their work and reduce the amount of time they have to spend looking for information. Plus, cutting down administrative tasks and improving overall productivity.

Our Salesforce-based travel CRM will help you build a 360° view of each of your contacts. The information will be presented at the right time so that you can personalise your communications. Customers will appreciate all this and remember you – and they’ll be more likely to recommend you and provide positive reviews. Ultimately, your client will be as enthusiastic about their experience of your company afterwards as they were when they first imagined it – and they’ll come back for more!

About Kaptio Travel

Kaptio Travel is the next generation booking system that places customer experience at the heart of your business. Our sales and operations platform is powered by Salesforce, freeing travel companies from legacy systems—equipping them with a cloud-based solution, transforming the customer experience, and delivering operational efficiencies. To get an insider perspective, connect with our sales team.