Travel CRM

Author: Team Kaptio

CRM = customer relationship management!

According to one of the “Big 4” analyst firms, nearly 70 per cent of businesses are either using a marketing automation platform or currently implementing one. 68% of CRM implementations fail because they are not perceived to deliver on expectations.

It’s, no wonder that companies dread the thought of venturing into a travel CRM project. The travel industry has been talking about personalisation for more than 10 years, and yet many travel companies are still trying to master it. Even with loyalty schemes, customers are not feeling the love, and as a result, are not guaranteed to be loyal to your brand.

Travel CRM & Customer Service

So, how can a travel company deliver excellent customer service, (a personalised service), with experiences that are relevant across what Google has identified as the 5 stages of travel:

  1. Dreaming
  2. Planning
  3. Booking
  4. Experiencing
  5. Sharing

Imagine implementing a travel booking solution that could deliver as good a customer experience at the booking stage as you provide during the travel stage. So, instead of thinking about a separate travel CRM project AND reservation platform implementation, what if there was a travel booking system that not only delivered bookings quickly, but was also based on the worlds no. 1 CRM platform - Salesforce? And that gave you a 360-degree view of your customers out of the box? Well, look no further!

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