Team Kaptio Answers Travel Booking Software FAQs

Author: Team Kaptio

We have brought together a few of Kaptio’s experts to share the answers to the questions potential clients frequently ask. Our travel reservation platform, built on the Salesforce CRM, incorporates sales, operations, customer service, marketing, and finance into a central system. When delivering an end-to-end solution like this, it’s sure to bring up many questions from each department. Here, we are starting with some of the most recurring questions.

Jenny FAQ.png

Q: What if our team already uses Salesforce; how do we implement Kaptio?

A: This is not a problem! First, we would spend time evaluating what the customer currently has set up within Salesforce, and through our discovery phase of the project, look at the most effective way to onboard Kaptio to their existing organisation. To get technical, our development team would most likely build on top of the current Salesforce organisation, layering in Kaptio's capabilities.

—Jenny, Kaptio Consultant

Dave FAQ.png

Q: Our itineraries are complex. How are we able to handle booking requests to multiple suppliers with different confirmation methods?

A: Our Reservation Engine allows for various confirmation methods, including email, API connectivity, and a direct link for suppliers to update confirmation statuses within an itinerary, all with the click of one button.

—Dave, Kaptio Consultant

Neil FAQ.png

Q: Does the Kaptio system differentiate between direct bookings and agent bookings?

A: Yes, Kaptio allows for breakdowns between direct and agent bookings (Trade, Wholesale, Groups, DMC) whilst allocating appropriate commissions, classifying the booking type and creating separate custom workflows.

—Neil, Business Development

Sam FAQ.png

Q: Does the system training have to be face to face, and for what length of time?

A: We know people learn differently, so we offer classroom training, both face to face and virtual, interactive training, including quizzes and role play, as well as self-learning, such as watching instructional videos, reading how-to guides and building your own suite of training collateral using our online community. You can choose to use one, all, or a combination of these methods.

Next, to cover the various capabilities, such as sales, operations, and finance, we will find the appropriate timescales that fit your organisational needs.

—Sam, Training Manager

Steve FAQ.png

Q: I saw on social media this new Itinerary Builder feature; is this available to me?

A: Yes, Itinerary Builder is a pilot feature that we will soon be ready to offer all our clients—let's set up a demo to show you all the functionality. You are going to love it.

—Steve, Director Business Transformation

Kaptio is a group of travel industry experts and software specialists who love to travel and push innovation. Above is just a sampling of the brilliant minds who work with our travel booking software clients from the sales process to the discovery phase and onto implementation. Do you have additional questions about the Kaptio Travel Platform that we can answer? Email, and we will get you the answers you are looking for.

In almost every sales call, the topic of investing in ramping up headcount over investing in a travel reservation platform to boost performance is discussed. When investing in digitally transforming your business, you provide more resources to your current team resulting in task automation, synchronised data, and connecting disconnected systems. This maximises your teams—equipping them in offering a customer-centric experience.

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Kaptio Travel is a next-generation travel reservation platform for FIT, Escorted Tours, and Cruise Operators. Built on the Salesforce Platform, the world’s No 1 CRM, Kaptio delivers the entire end-to-end customer journey from lead, through to sale, whilst adventuring and post-trip, plus building a 360-view of your customer.

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