Successful Blueprint for Implementing Travel Tech Software

Author: Product Team

Exploring Components of Triumphant Travel Booking Software Rollouts

Your team has recognised the undeniable need for a system upgrade, identifying your current technology is blocking a real digital transformation. Your current travel booking software is slowing down the team, and your needs for a dynamic platform with live inventory and the ability to drive operational efficiencies is what will enable your business to evolve.

Getting Past Implementation Concerns

Let’s assume you are at the procurement phase where you’ve identified a travel reservation platform that meets the following criteria.

  1. Vendor with a successful track record
  2. Solution that allows for future scalability
  3. Trustworthy vendor with a team of experienced experts
  4. Confidence and reassurance in your timeline, budget, and scope
  5. A solid change control process

In our blog post, To Buy or Build a Travel Tech Platform in 2021, we discussed how in many cases, buying is a much quicker solution, fixing current issues that keep your team from offering the best experience possible. It’s important to realise that building a solution rarely delivers according to deadline. However, finding an end to end solution is not an easy task.

There is nothing more frustrating than unmet expectations and deadlines during a system overhaul. Kaptio’s discovery phase is all about planning, planning, and more planning with our consultants working with your project manager. Kaptio will also identify any gaps between the Kaptio Platform and your processes. Gaps that will be filled as part of Kaptios implementation process.

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Preparing for a Smooth Implementation

What better time than now to implement a platform that can grow with your strategy and put your business on a path to a full digital transformation. The timing is especially critical if your team was downsized during the pandemic; equipping your essential staff now with even more powerful tools before major spikes in demand is a smart move. We recognise that operators are budget-conscious, doing their best to manage costs, and hopefully reinstating furloughed staff. Reducing the number of systems your team needs to a single platform will not only centralise your data but further equip your team with everything they need in one place.

Setting expectations for your entire team is vital, all whilst keeping them abreast of the process and their involvement. In addition, having a Project Manager on your team will aid with team communication and managing inevitable scope changes.

Managing Changes to Scope

Kaptio successfully manages scope changes; we identify any changes during the discovery phase, which is the foundation of our blueprint. Inevitably during implementation, change will happen and our proven change request process leads the way. We talk about this more below; however, the discovery phase ensures that the delivery phase runs extremely smoothly.

With stats like 68% of CRM implementations that fail, it’s no wonder companies drag their feet at selecting, committing and moving forward with new software solutions. What is settling is knowing that your travel booking software vendor has a detailed blueprint to ensure success and meet your expectations.

Blueprint for Success with a Travel Reservation Platform

Team Kaptio created an Implementation Blueprint to give clients a framework to better understand expectations and timelines for the rollout process. Charlie Ellard, Director of Delivery at Kaptio, has been leading the charge with our blueprint; she’s laid the detailed plan for successful client migrations.

The Implementation Blueprint is an essential step in offering peace of mind during technical migrations whilst keeping everyone on schedule. "A big motivation for me is getting functionality to customers quicker, allowing them to see the ROI more rapidly," says Charlie.

Three Phases of Kaptio’s Implementation Blueprint

  • Phase 1: Discovery (analysis & set up)
  • Phase 2: Delivery & Transition
  • Phase 3: Hypercare & Go Live

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As illustrated above, Team Kaptio spends strategic time in the discovery phase laying the foundation for a frictionless transition. Due to thorough analysis and planning, the delivery phase goes as expected, checking each box and transitioning as outlined. The Go Live phase is one that is done with extreme care and then handed over to support.

In the end, with a Kaptio implementation, your team is equipped with the customer 360° view having one central customer record. Plus, a single solution for managing reservations, operations, finance and marketing.

Delivery by Capability

Kaptio has broken down the training by capability; for example, a Sales Agent will follow the Sales Capability, the Product Loaders will follow the Product Loading Capability, and so on. Kaptio has 14 Capabilities—each is an end to end process which can be trained, tested and pushed live. Depending on the program, these are introduced during either the delivery and/or hypercare phases. In addition, our Kaptio Community site is also full of knowledge articles and training videos covering every aspect of the system.

Applying Tourism & Travel Tech Software Expertise

Our team is comprised of multi-disciplinary team members bringing travel operating knowledge, and experience to each of our client’s implementations. During implementation, you are sure to meet Jenny Bumford and Dave Shaw, Consultants. Jenny started her travel career at Austravel and has also worked for two other travel booking software providers. Throughout Dave’s career, he has worked for four tailor-made travel operators, including Audley Travel, before joining Kaptio. These are just a few examples of the depth of our expertise.

Our team has Kaptio Consultants and Salesforce Consultants, both watching out for the best efficiencies for your operations before, during, and post-implementation. The Value of a Kaptio Salesforce Consultant should not be overlooked. A consultant who is also a qualified Salesforce administrator gives you complete power over your travel reservation platform. Having a team member who is highly knowledgeable in all Salesforce tools and functions can support your organisation with the ability to continue to customise unit implementation and processes as your business evolves. No need to contact Kaptio for every change you want to make.

In summary, confidence in your travel tech software vendor, a scalable platform and a team of experts will go a long way. Their aim should be to get the work completed in the most efficient and time-effective manner, getting your implementation up and running as quickly as possible.

About Kaptio

Kaptio Travel has been adopted by leading travel companies worldwide and is fully configurable by you, our customers. Our cloud-based platform is ideal for larger travel companies who want full control over the customer journey with a future-proof enterprise application. We incorporate marketing, reservations, operations, and customer service into one central system streamlining processes for travel operators. Get in touch with Kaptio now and start your digital transformation.