Kaptio’s Travel Tech Features Outpace the Competition

Author: Product Team

Kaptio’s Tools Sail Ahead of the Competition—Here’s Why

Unmet tech expectations are hard to swallow. How many times have you wished your travel tech solution offered more efficiency and scalability? We hear it all the time when talking to potential customers. Frequently in sales meetings discussing our travel booking software, tour operators arrive with a list of unfulfilled promises, features, and needs.

With a recovery of travel in sight, your travel tech will be a key element in scaling up, managing an influx of bookings and getting more personal with your customers.

7 Reasons Kaptio Remains the Lead in Travel Tech

  • Travel CRM: With Salesforce as our platform, customer personalisation capabilities are bar none, supporting the entire customer journey and surfacing relevant information along the way; Kaptio offers a seamless, satisfying booking experience.

  • Travel Documents: We are digital-first, and our customer e-docs reflect high-touch and luxury branding with stunning imagery and the option to embed videos. Plus, customers can respond directly to the sales agent within each document. Our online itineraries are interactive and have credit card links for easy payment of deposits and balances. Creating these documents is intuitive and can be accomplished by any sales agent.

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  • Custom Dashboards: Tracking your sales funnel and teams become possible when you choose Kaptio, a single platform for reservations, marketing, operations, and finance. No need for an SQL certificate to access important data; for example, pulling sales opportunities, conversions, revenue, etc. directly from the built-in CRM is a breeze.

  • Loading & Cloning: With our Data Loader, contract loading accuracy is much higher, avoiding the risk of mistakes. The ability to clone itineraries and packages enables you to create multiple seasons easily.

  • Contract Management Tools: Access to contracts, capacity, and reports on-the-go are all viewable on any web-enabled device. Have your buying and selling capability together on one platform, which is optimised for speed and efficiency.

  • In-trip support: Our real-time communication between Salesforce and mobile outrivals competitor apps for interactions, support, and notifications. This high-touch service capability reassures active travellers they are taken care of and further exemplifies our commitment to a 360-degree view of the customer, pre, post, and during travel.

  • Itinerary Builder: Kaptio has drag n drop functionality making changes to large (and small) itineraries effortlessly while reducing itinerary creation time. Our user interface is unparalleled, equipping sales agents with efficiency like never before and reducing booking times whilst improving accuracy. Kaptio also provides 3rd party land an air search, cost, and book functionality along with the PNR grab to further streamline processes.


With the Kaptio travel reservation platform, your team is in full control and can make changes without having to wait for us to develop them for you and at no additional cost. With our foundation on Salesforce, like thousands of companies across many industries, clients take the reigns without developer expertise.

Kaptio Out-of-the-Box, Includes:

  • Drag n Drop Reporting and Dashboards
  • Easy Product Loading
  • Single Platform Across Departments

With custom-built solutions, the above features mainly fall into the "custom" category that results in extra development fees. Let's take, for example, reports—these are considered bespoke requests and require expertise to create, plus each team values data differently and desiring to see various layouts, which add costs. Next, with our competitors, loading products come with SQL complexities, especially with legacy systems; loading your own products is rarely feasible whilst creating delays. These are just a few ways Kaptio’s SaaS solution outpaces the competition.

Development Fees Stack Up

Outside of reputable, pre-existing software, customers are expected to pay for everything. The thought of adding a custom field is not possible without analysis and dev work adding months of waiting to your timeline. When considering custom-built travel booking software, it’s vital to understand that your team will be fully reliant on the developers for all changes, no matter how minor they may seem.

The Importance of a Built-in Travel CRM

Integration between customer data and the travel reservation platform is key to offering a customer-centric experience. By joining up the processes, they’ll be easier to work with, and your team can be confident that they’ll have the answers to hand. Read more about this in our blog post, Travel CRM: Communication, Essential Part of the Customer Experience.

Post-pandemic expectations, plus with customers wanting more reassurance, travellers will want a more personalised experience. The need for a customer-centric, rather than a booking-centric, solution and a highly scalable solution where you can work from anywhere makes Kaptio a unique solution.

About Kaptio Travel

Kaptio Travel is a next-generation travel reservation platform for FIT, Escorted Tours & Cruise Operators. Built on the Salesforce Platform, the world’s No 1 CRM, Kaptio delivers the entire end-to-end customer journey from lead, through to sale, curing travel and post-trip, plus building a 360-view of your customer—an all in one single solution. Get in touch to supercharge your travel booking software. Contact us to discuss how we can work with you to transform your current business setup. Kaptio is not just a reservation system but a digital transformation for your business!