Kaptio Travel Reservation software shortlisted for 2 awards

Kaptio travel reservation software shortlisted for awards

Kaptio travel reservation software for cruise, escorted tours and FIT has been shortlisted for two Technology awards in the Travolution competition for the tour and travel industry.

We’re shortlisted for ‘Best Technology Product’ and ‘Best Technology Provider’.

The organisers of the highly-coveted Travolution Awards state that they recognise the most innovative and exciting work in digital travel and celebrate ‘the best of breed’.

The Technology category of the awards is always popular, which is no surprise in our mobile, connected world. Just focusing on travel bookings alone, recent ABTA* research found that 81% – four in five people – booked online.

In a survey of over 8,000 consumers and business buyers worldwide this year*, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) company Salesforce reported that 75% of customers now expect companies to use new technologies to create better experiences.

But being sure you’ve got the right new technologies to please customers can be daunting. If you stop to think about it, procuring technology actually has many similarities with buying travel …

Travel, by its very nature, is about making great connections. So is the process of choosing and using travel reservation software. You hope you’ve chosen the right supplier. You want the product to get you where you want to be with the minimum of hassle. You may feel excitement (or fear) of the unknown. You’ll have high expectations for successful, rewarding outcomes.

So what do you do? Procrastination is dangerous. As American actor Will Rogers said: ‘Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.’

Innovative collaboration and partnership in the tour and travel industry

Kaptio was founded in 2012 to fill a travel technology gap, tackle the challenges and provide successful business outcomes for the tour and travel industry. Our customers wanted innovative, next generation technology to meet the needs of their online, mobile clients.

Our mission statement then – and now – is ‘to become the best technology provider for the travel sector, delivering outcomes over function, a trusted and consultative partnership with our customers and be the best travel technology company to work for.’

We knew that collaboration was key in the development of our travel reservation software. Our research showed that companies using Salesforce in the UK – the world’s most advanced CRM – could leverage significant benefits. Kaptio Travel is the first Salesforce platform-based, end-to-end reservations, contracts, operations and distribution management system for travel providers.

Making the right connections

An article for marketers on the Think With Google website recently discussed how consumers are becoming ‘overwhelmed by the amount of travel options’. This is due to the proliferation of online products being offered to customers by the tour and travel industry.

Being relevant and popular in this crowded marketplace is therefore harder.

The powerful synergy created by a flexible booking system with CRM, which provides travel businesses with deep access to data – and the ability to manage it – is the solution.

Technology for growing business

Technology with these capabilities can help travel companies differentiate their offering and personalise the customer experience, so they stand out from the crowd.

Companies using Salesforce in the UK built on the Kaptio reservation platform have:

a 360° view of each customer and their entire journey from lead, through to sale, on trip and post trip. all the history and preferences, which makes it easier to engage with every contact, regardless of the channel the customer uses. The travel industry is getting bigger. Research by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) shows that ‘Travel & Tourism is the fastest-growing sector in the UK, accounting for 11.9% of all jobs, ahead of Financial Services (8.9%) and Banking (3.4%), and generating £231.6bn to the nation’s GDP’*.

We’ve seen how travel companies using Salesforce in the UK on our platform have benefitted; they can react more easily to customer demands and changing priorities.

Kaptio can be delivered in months, not years, and can grow with your business too. Why not have a chat with us about it?

In the meantime, roll on the Travolution Awards this November!


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