How Kaptio Travel Overcomes COVID-19 Challenges

Author: Product Team

Kaptio Travel Celebrates Wins, Challenges, and the Road Ahead.

No one needs reminding that 2020 was a challenging year for the tourism industry, but with borders opening in our core markets, and travel forecasts looking positive for Summer 2021 onwards, it's a timely reminder to reflect on the wins, challenges, and the road ahead that Kaptio has faced to date with COVID-19.

The Wins!

Smooth Transition to Work From Home

The ability for Kaptio clients to pivot to a complete work from home model overnight was warmly welcomed by our clients. Having your business hosted in the cloud operating from a SaaS model is the ‘standard’ businesses should require as a core minimum moving forward. We are proud that our travel reservation platform mobilised workforces remotely in such short time frames—with no need for local servers or VPN connectivity which are simply outdated and non-scalable.

Changing Gears with New Routes and Products

Tour operators and adventure companies had the tools to set up new ‘business units’ in order to trade in new markets, and rapidly load new domestic products. Quickly setting up new business units and products is a feature we offer and showcases the agility of our travel reservation platform.

Agility and flexibility will be critical for travel’s return and is identified as a Megatrend by Skift. In Skift’s recent article, Brands That Embrace Agility and Flexibility Will Be Equipped for the Future of Travel they interview Audrey Hendley, President of American Express Travel to see how they quickly pivoted and now plan for the rebound.

Renewed Appreciation for Kaptio’s E-Docs

Already popular with younger generations and companies looking for sustainable business practices, Kaptio’s e-docs are visually appealing, easy to open and reflect the high-quality products our clients sell. The Travel CRM capability to reply within the documents and communicate directly back to the selling consultant, and to take online payments, has also been a welcome touch of personalisation facilitating a conversation to give the customer peace of mind when booking. Distribution and personalised content are two emerging needs of every tourism company moving forward.

New Kaptio Product Features

During lockdown, team Kaptio designed and rolled out new SaaS travel platform features to enhance our client’s experience, such as:

  1. Drag n drop itinerary builder for rapid creation of complex travel itineraries
  2. Online quotes, acceptance and payments
  3. Extended integrations for 3rd party air and land products

Read the full details on these features in our blog post, New Productivity Features on Travel Reservation Platform.

The Challenges!

The initial focus for small tour operators during this crisis has been cash flow and survival. Kaptio had plans to deliver projects to many more mid-sized businesses in 2020, and early 2021, of which some have been put on hold.

Enterprise-level Operators Hold-on

Kaptio delivered and launched with its largest client to date through the pandemic. The mid-size to enterprise players with greater cash reserves will continue to invest in travel tech and travel reservation platforms, and the smaller players may get left behind. What this does for the future distribution of products and services within the industry is a challenge we see that should be a concern for all.

Remotely Implementing Travel Tech

Remote project delivery was an area Kaptio excelled in during the pandemic. Whilst we miss the face-to-face interaction with our customers during the consulting and delivery phases of recent projects, Kaptio’s Implementation Blueprint ensures we can deliver our platform using remote teams and tools.

The Road Ahead!

The tourism industry is a resilient one, and we believe there is pent up demand, and travellers will return in 2021. The road ahead for tour operators will amplify the need or strategic intent for travel tech and digital transformation, to be on any organisation's roadmap.

A Customer-centric 2021

Your business capabilities, value streams and work processes all need to benefit customer needs. The requirement to invest in a travel CRM and reservation platform that breaks down operational silo’s, enhances visibility across business functions and enables your company to sell and distribute products digitally, all using one single platform, are all table stakes for 2021.

About Kaptio

Kaptio offers a single platform for selling, buying and operating travel. We encourage you to get in contact with our team and start the conversation about how your organisation is positioning itself to not only survive but thrive in 2021.