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Be future proof – Salesforce for travel agents

Since it’s inception, Kaptio Travel has enjoyed the benefits of building its solution on top of, the world’s leading CRM platform. This partnership has helped Kaptio Travel to become one of the fastest growing Travel Reservation solutions by allowing us to focus on the travel aspect of our product while using’s core functionality to manage the foundation of our system.

In 2016 started rolling out their redesigned user experience framework called Lightning Experience, which includes new fundamentals in their approach to user experience, platform customizations and design. As a top-tier Travel Reservation platform, one of our goals at Kaptio Travel is to give our customers the best user experience possible and to meet that goal we made the decision to fully adopt’s design framework for our product in order to give users a well-designed look and feel. Additionally, we have been taking steps in making our product compatible with the new fundamentals introduced in the Lightning Experience.

Don’t get stuck with legacy systems At the start of 2018, Kaptio Travel will be Lightning Ready.

This update will mean a few things. Firstly, beginning with the 2017 Oct I release, users will begin to see visual updates in the standard screens within Kaptio Travel, which are a part of the preparation for the update. Additionally, once we are Lightning Ready, users can be sure that should they choose to enable the Lightning Experience in their org 100% of Kaptio Travel features will work. You’ll be future proof – Salesforce for Travel Agents. Please note that some administration screens will remain in the Salesforce Classic style for the time being.

We at Kaptio are looking forward to being able to provide our customers with the added benefits of the Lightning Experience as well as benefit ourselves from the added customisability and versatility of’s new framework.

Want to find out more about Lightning Experience and how your organization Lightning Ready? Check out’s Trailhead:

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