Kaptio is Shortlisted for Best Large Travel Technology

Author: Leadership Team

We explore the criteria for the Travolution Award and the travel technology enhancements made in 2021.

Kaptio is very pleased to be shortlisted with the Travolution Awards for Best Large Technology Supplier. Our customer-centric SaaS end-to-end travel reservation platform is getting recognised for our innovation.

To bring you up to speed, each year, Travolution makes a call for nominations of travel brands that are excelling in their field and pushing innovation. Categories for awards include, Technology Impact Awards, Champions of Digital, Technology Supplier Awards, Marketing Awards, and more.

A panel of industry judges evaluates the nominations and context and creates a shortlist for each award category. Kaptio was shortlisted for Best Large Travel Technology Supplier, and winners will be announced on 25th November 2021 at the awards ceremony at The Hilton London Bankside.

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Per Travolution’s criteria, Kaptio was evaluated on the following. “This award will be given to the large travel technology developer which is considered to have progressed most in its field in the entry period. This might be a legacy multinational which has modernised its offering or a niche supplier which has seen success introducing a new or innovative concept. This category is open to companies with more than 50 employees whether providers of traditional software products, selling/tour operator platforms or Software as a Service (SaaS) or plug-in features and applications.”

Team Kaptio is honoured by this recognition and is proud of the enhancements we launched in 2021.

  • We rolled out Itinerary Builder with drag n drop functionality allowing rapid creation of complex travel itineraries. Agents have been amazed by how much quicker they can perfect the itineraries and get them back in the hands of eager travellers with this feature.
  • Our customers now securely send online quotes to travellers with image-rich itineraries and the ability to take deposits or the full payment online.
  • We’ve integrated Salesforce Service Cloud to Kaptio’s travel reservation platform equipping customers to communicate directly with team members using service cases or online live chat.
  • We expanded our 3rd party integrations for land (hotels, transfers, excursions and car hire) and bookable flights. We have new connectivity all whilst maintaining internal inventory and contracted allocation.
  • In 2021, we also migrated to the Google Cloud Platform. Kaptio has always been a cloud-first organisation with our travel reservation platform, and travel CRM built upon, and we recently upgraded this technology as well.
  • Our Director of Delivery, Charlie Ellard, created an Implementation Blueprint to give clients a framework to better understand expectations and timelines for the rollout process. The Implementation Blueprint is essential in offering peace of mind during technical migrations whilst keeping everyone on schedule.
  • Kaptio’s platform instantly reduces the number of booking screens for each travel agent. One of the most significant examples of this was a client went from five screens to one to complete a booking which correlates with reduced call time as well.


With the combination of these improvements and innovations to our travel reservation platform, we feel confident as a contender for this 2021 Travolution Award. Customer-centricity is gained when implementing Kaptio and is a highly sought after requirement discussed in our discovery phase. “Our entire team has made huge strides towards streamlining the customer experience and increasing efficiency, all built into the Kaptio Travel Platform,” shares Ragnar Fjölnisson, CPO and founder at Kaptio.

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