Introducing Kaptio Connect

The (Missed) Travel API Opportunity

It is abundantly clear that we are living in a world of APIs. We at Kaptio know that APIs will play a pivotal role to help the leisure travel industry improve customer experience, increase automation and improve employee productivity.

However, for tour operators, travel agencies, and wholesalers, navigating how to integrate 3rd party inventory APIs into existing technology architecture and operational processes is an overwhelming task. Until now, travel companies have had to rely on their reservation system vendors or custom built integrations to consolidate inventory data feeds from multiple sources. This can be a costly and time-consuming process which slows down your speed-to-market.

Kaptio Connect – A Unified API For Travel

To assist customers with transforming their inventory and supply chain procedures, Kaptio has launched Kaptio Connect, enabling travel organizations to combine travel inventory sources from GDSs, aggregators, direct suppliers and ancillary service providers through pre-built and custom inventory connectors design for air, hotels, car rental, cruise and ancillary products.

The result is a marketplace of inventory connectors that provides travel businesses with:

A faster way to integrate and map live availability and rate feeds to existing and new travel products Ability to combine feeds from multiple providers into a unique and consolidated feed of inventory Ability to present the unified API feed on any selling channel, including your partner network and OTAs Kaptio Connect essentially allows you to put together different building blocks (API connectors) to create your own GDS that you own and control.

Calling out to your IT team!


Kaptio has already started working with existing Kaptio customers to build the first set of connectors, with the priority of completing connectors to large GDS and aggregator system first, but also working on hand-selected regional and local systems in parallel.

We want to hear about your travel integration use cases, and partner with selected customers to help make Kaptio Connect as robust and flexible as possible.

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