Customer-centric Tour Operators have the Competitive Edge

Author: Product Team

Exploring the genuine value of being a customer-centric tour operator

Organisations who operate from a customer-centric place create positive experiences for their travellers and employees instilling pride and loyalty into your brand. Read on to understand more benefits of this approach and the value of a travel booking software that puts your customer at the centre of your business.

What is Customer-centricity

Customer-centricity is a mindset that an entire organisation adopts, placing the customer as the focal point of every interaction, decision, and business process. Focusing on the customer and communicating with them on their terms, above all else, is the way travel operators can achieve customer-centricity. It’s intentionally planning and executing the end-to-end customer experience pivoting exclusively around the customer.

Positioning the customer at the core of your business allows your team to evaluate their needs, desires, expectations and to communicate with them on their terms by social, email, phone or other messaging. Personalised engagement with your customers pre, during and post-travel drives an enhanced customer experience leading to loyalty and lasting relationships.

6 Reasons Customer-centric Tour Operators have the Competitive Edge

1. Better Attraction & Retention of Customers—Your customers recognise when you are putting them as priority, this will aid in attracting customers and retaining them. Repeat clients are a testament to a customer-centric culture and are a much easier sell.

2. Empowered & Aligned Team Members—When your customer is at the core, it aligns all team members to the same goal and naturally empowers them to make decisions that continue focusing on the customer.

3. Stronger Recommendations to Friends & Family—Delighted travellers who have been wowed with every step of their experience are beaming with great things to say about their adventure and instinctively will rave about their travel agent.

4. Happier & More Satisfied Customers—Because your team has already identified all potential needs or desires your customers will feel like you really know them. They will walk away with a sense of appreciation and contentment.

5. Earning More Sales—Valuing your customers builds trust, making them more likely to consider your recommendations of additional services and excursions resulting in larger packages. And of course, repeat bookings are more profitable

6. Enhanced Competitive Edge—Delivering on a customer-centric approach is a noticeable difference to customers and even detectable in the pre-sales phase. This concentrated attention paid to the customer reiterates that their journey with you will be well crafted and executed.

Everyone customer-centric.png

When your company shifts to being customer-centric, it is vital that the vision is deeply rooted and understood. All actions and delivery need to reflect the new customer-focused vision. With everyone and every department focusing on the customer, your team will be set up for success.

What is the Difference Between Booking-centric & Customer-centric?

Booking-centric means that your team focuses on individual bookings. In contrast, customer-centric focuses on the customer, showing that you, the tour operator, understand their needs and can build a trusted advisor relationship. Offering more than a handy FAQ page where the customer has to search for answers, you can offer a high-touch personal service that walks the customer through the entire customer journey and answers any questions they might have.

Noting dietary needs or COVID requirements per the destination are just a few examples of following through on customer-centricity. As the customer-centric illustration below demonstrates, the customer is at the centre, and your team embraces all actions that surround their experience pre-booking, post-booking, pre-trip, on trip and, of course, socialising how great their trip was. This results in making your customers advocates for your brand.

Booking vs Customer-centric_blog asset 600x250.png

Customer-centricity is not just something you say; it is an action and behaviour in every conversation with your customer. It needs to be deeply integrated into your business, discussed in every internal meeting, a staple in every training offered, and supported by your travel booking software.

Customer-centric Behaviors to Master

  • Trust building
  • Positivity and Sincere Attitude to Serve
  • Patience
  • Clear Communication (on every channel)
  • Problem Solving
  • A Sense of Urgency
  • Exceeding Expectations
  • Anticipation of Needs

A Travel Tech Platform for Customer-centric Tour Operators

One benefit of the Kaptio Travel Platform is a single system for managing your reservations, marketing, operations, and finance, delivering on placing your customer at the centre of your business—a true customer 360 for travel. When your travel CRM is the host to your customer information, contacts, inventory, bookings and contracts, you are more likely to convert, especially when everything you need to service your travellers is available to you, right inside your travel booking software.

Naturally, a travel tech platform like Kaptio's Travel Platform equips your team with the right tools and enables them to offer your customers the very best experience.

About Kaptio

The Kaptio Travel Platform is a next-generation travel tech platform for FIT, Escorted Tours, and Cruise Operators. Built on the Salesforce Platform, the world’s No 1 CRM, Kaptio delivers the entire end-to-end customer journey from lead, through to sale, whilst adventuring and post-trip, plus building a 360-view of your customer.

Want to know more about Kaptio Travel’s features and capabilities—connect with our sales team to explore your options.