CPQ for Travel

Author: Team Kaptio

The term CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) has been around for many years. The term relates to travel companies offering a wide range of products that are combined to produce a price which can be put into a quote for a customer. Salesforce has a great definition of CPQhere.

SCB becomes CPQ

This is where the Kaptio Travel Platform comes in—with Kaptio's Salesforce foundation, the call centre agent can quickly build complex itineraries. These itineraries include rich content that can be delivered directly to customers as quotes, emails, online chat or social media messages with a “click to book” button built right into the quote.

CPQ is not a term typically used in the travel market which traditionally has the acronym “SCB” for Search, Cost and Book. At Kaptio we like to call it “CPQ for Travel”. One of the biggest challenges for any travel company is the fast-growing range of product and experiences they need to be able to sell in order to stay relevant to their customers. Not only must a tour operator sell a package, but it also needs to be able to add ancillary products such as flights, transfers, and even in-resort activities.

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