Business Insights Gained with Travel Software Dashboards

Author: Team Kaptio

Dynamic Dashboards Out-Perform Reports within Travel Software Solutions

To stay current on company movement, goals, and trends, dashboards give each employee or manager essential information at a glance. Have you thought to yourself, are dashboards that much more valuable than my excel spreadsheets or monthly reports? The quick answer is YES but read on to see for yourself.

5 Benefits of Dashboards Over Reports found in Travel Software

  1. Dashboards pull real-time dynamic data supporting real-time decision making
  2. Custom dashboards offer click-thru actions, drilling down into the data on-demand
  3. Dashboards tied to very specific company KPIs with easy to read charts
  4. Reliable data connected from all aspects of your business, including current sales
  5. Managers quickly consume visual snapshots for tracking team goals with actionable items

Dashboards are Standard with Kaptio’s SaaS Travel Platform

Kaptio out-of-the-box delivers dashboards for travel providers. Dashboards that you can configure to gain insights into your business. Our Kaptio Consultants ensure that each department has the tracking and visuals to manage teams’ performance—staying current on patterns and trends. As our industry continues to evolve, new data points may need to be tracked, and you have complete control over these changes.

With Salesforce as our core, Kaptio’s offering is second-to-none with visually appealing and data-rich dashboards. Forget custom code, SQL certificates, and additional fees expected with legacy systems. Rather with Kaptio and Salesforce, clients have access to their important data without the complexities of SQL and delays whilst you wait for the software provider to create your reports.

One thing we never tire of talking about are the perks of our foundation on Salesforce. Like thousands of companies across many industries, clients take the reigns without developer expertise. Custom dashboards are one of the 7 Reasons Kaptio Remains the Lead in Travel Tech; read more in this blog post.

Types of Travel Tech Dashboards by Kaptio

Each department has varying needs; the dashboard for tracking sales will report very different data points than the IT team’s KPIs. Plus, you know that team member who handles a little bit of everything, contracts, accounting, and HR—together, we can create a personalised dashboard for them. Some of the most commonly requested dashboards are for tracking the sales funnel, conversion rates, and overall revenue.

Now to give you a better understanding of the value of our dashboards, we are going to give you an insider perspective from each of the following roles:

4 dashboard avatars.png

Sales Agent Dashboard

Let’s explore this visual data that your sales agent, Katherine, will see when logging into the home screen of the Kaptio Travel Platform. In this example, Katherine can easily identify outstanding bookings and leads, how she’s tracking with her monthly KPIs, which proposals need following up, and who’s payments are coming due.

No more pulling weekly/ monthly reports—Katherine knows precisely where she stands and what needs to be done to accomplish her goals (and earn bonuses).

Dashboard example of a touring provider or FIT Preview_SA_600.png

Sales Manager Dashboard with a Staff of Six

Next, Katherine’s manager, Stefan, oversees a team of six British agents. Stefan wants daily updates on the movement of his team from enquiry to quote, quote to booking, enquiry to booking and comparing these results to the targets he’s assigned to the team. In this custom dashboard, he has quick access to the sales funnel, pipeline per agent, open leads and cases, expiring quotes, revenue and margin.

Having a travel tech dynamic dashboard allows Stefan to quickly drill down and review certain calls to action and determine the best ways to support the team.

Dashboard example of a touring provider or FIT Preview_SM_600.png

Chief Finance Officer Dashboard

Rachael, CFO, has a dashboard created to view vital data points making her job much more manageable. Kaptio does not replace your finance package; instead, it communicates necessary sales and finance numbers with systems like SAP, Xero, Intuit, and many more. Accounting softwares do not provide the context of what transpired, connecting traceable documents and emails explaining, for example, refunds, commissions, or supplier reconciliations. That’s where Kaptio’s SaaS travel platform connects the dots.

The Salesforce dashboards equip Rachael with the ability to drill down to customer communications—the story behind the numbers. The dashboard gives CFOs like Rachael a place to come for a quick overview and receive notifications on new supplier contracts, alerts for pending approvals, plus an understanding of how and where money is coming from.

In this example, Rachael is tracking revenue over costs, commission payments, booking status, deposits received, refunds, etc. Kaptio provides checks and balances with the data prior to reaching your preferred accounting software and a visual snapshot of potential risk and needed cash.

We would be remiss not to mention Kaptio’s bespoke exchange rate management system built specifically for travel providers with the customisation to make confident, ever-changing rate decisions.

Dashboard example of a touring provider or FIT Preview_CFO_600v2.png

Operations Inventory Manager Dashboard

Lastly, in the case of a touring provider, Katherine sells a tour package; Thomas, Inventory Manager, steps in to arrange the proper inventory to fulfil the journey. Thomas is responsible for contracts, supplier relations with providers of accommodations, meals, activities, and transportation. In this dashboard, he’s tracking the resolution of previous cases, ensuring tour directors are assigned, evaluating the number of coaches needed, and overall occupancy of the tours scheduled for South East Asia.

A valuable area on this board is identifying tour viability, he can immediately see which tours have hit their minimums moving them to viable offerings whilst assigning a tour director to the group.

If previous cases were not resolved, he is able to drill down to guest satisfaction specifics and take steps to prevent this from happening again on future trips. In this example, we are highlighting just a few areas Thomas keeps tabs on. In his role, he has many departures, suppliers, and tour directors he supervises, resulting in a much bigger dashboard.

Dashboard example for a tour operator Preview Ops_600v3.png

SaaS Travel Platform Custom Displays

Now that you’ve seen four very different dashboards with many options for communicating the data, be it a graph, chart, percentage, dial, funnel or list—we indeed have you covered. The simplicity and customisation in our reporting dashboards will equip each member of your team. Savvy business decisions are rooted in accurate and easy to understand data. Want to explore dashboards a bit more? Request a demo.

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