Adjusting to New Norms with Travel Booking Software

Author: Leadership Team

The importance of digital transformation is here to stay and is reinforced by the changing ways we begin to travel and adventure again. Meeting the expectations of travellers ready to explore in a new way will leave your competitors behind.

However, throwing new tech at each problem or department is not a strategic solution. Stepping back to ensure that you are taking a holistic approach that encompasses each aspect of the business is vital. One that includes one central customer record will keep your teams, customers, and business partners optimised and happy. Continue reading to understand the strategic approach to digital transformation.

Removing Silos and Offering a Connected Experience

Diverse systems and channels which work in ‘silos’ are inefficient and slow for customers. They can cause staff to make errors because they scramble between different apps and notes when offering customer service or making a sale. Not only do customers get frustrated with the level of service offered, but staff experience a sense of disappointment too.

Customers aren’t getting the service they deserve, and they’re going elsewhere. Staff are feeling de-motivated. It’s a false economy to continue with these systems when an investment in leading-edge travel tech is needed to flourish.

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How Salesforce’s CRM Delivers a Reliable Single Source of Truth

No matter the channel customers find and communicate (chat, email, social, quote) with your brand, Salesforce brings the data back to the single source. Then, this data can be reviewed and streamlined into custom dashboards for tracking and reaching company goals. For more on our custom dashboards, don’t miss our list of 5 benefits of dashboards over reports found in Kaptio’s travel tech.

Will Travel Be Back to Normal or Will There Be a The New Normal?

Kaptio’s COO, Jon Pickles, spoke at TTi’s Summer Forum—The New Normal. Tune in as he discusses:

  • Workforce Transformation
  • Impact of Digital Transformation Plans
  • Emerging Trends and Traveller Behaviour
  • Value of Work from Everywhere
  • Power of Omnichannel
  • How Technology Can Support the New Normal

Start Jon’s presentation at timestamp 36:00 Jon's TTi preview 600H.png

Jon talks about the dynamic happening in order to offer a high-touch traveller experience. “The higher-touch sales process, where customers are going to need more reassurance and will want to make sure they are fully informed before they travel. That’s going to require the systems and people to communicate with them,” Jon Pickles.

Does Your Travel Booking Software Support Your Teams in the Following Ways?

  • Customer-centric with a central record of truth aiding in rebooking
  • No code without developer expertise
  • Promote 3rd party integration with dynamic inventory
  • Scalable and able to change with expectations and regulations
  • A cloud-based system enabling your team to work from anywhere

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Revisiting Kaptio’s Travel Tech Roots

When building Kaptio, we visited hundreds of organisations worldwide researching key barriers to growth. We were told travel providers were limited by what they could offer due to slow internal systems. There are disconnections, not only between the operator and their customers but also with suppliers and resellers in the travel supply chain.

Today’s customers are making contact from an array of devices and on multiple channels and want everything in real-time—they expect instant answers and solutions. But this is nearly impossible for legacy systems to provide. Their systems used for travel planning, booking, and after-sales processes don’t communicate well with each other.

We used our findings when designing and developing the Kaptio Travel Platform. Our travel CRM and travel booking software helps tour operators, travel agencies and resellers to grow, using the intelligent application of data to solve their operational challenges. It ensures you leverage more value out of your IT, empower your people and achieve your goals.

Salesforce is an advanced and agile CRM used by hundreds of thousands of businesses across multiple verticals with great success. Kaptio is built on Salesforce and is capable of handling many different types of travel usage scenarios, including Cruise, Escorted Tours & FIT businesses.

Speak to the Kaptio Team about our travel platform and join Viking Cruise China, Aurora Expeditions and many other travel companies who have implemented the Kaptio Travel Solution.