5 Reasons Travel Technology Needs Customer Success

Author: Team Kaptio

Our Success is Our Client’s Success

At Kaptio, we are committed to our client’s success and assigning a Customer Success Manager to each client reflects this commitment. As we roll out new features and connections, it is vital our clients understand the tools that will continue to help them evolve.

What is a Kaptio Customer Success Manager?

Our Customer Success Managers (CSM) support our customers during the implementation process through to being active users on the Kaptio platform. They ensure appropriate training to all members, review help desk tickets looking for patterns and trends, and provide continued education on the platform as enhancements are developed. Our CSMs will be the reliable connection to our team, bridging any gaps and communicating future needs and improvements.

5 Reasons Why Kaptio’s Customer Success Team is Vital

  1. Proactively Evaluating—looking out for our client’s business and identifying ways of streamlining processes, and integrating our travel technology
  2. Performing Health Checks—our CSM shadows your team seeing how your team uses the travel booking software and makes suggestions for maximum use
  3. Reviewing Help Desk Tickets—analysing the tickets submitted to see if there are patterns of use that can be corrected or request further investigation
  4. Keeping Clients Informed—not only telling clients about new features and connections but showing them the benefits of applying them to their specific operations
  5. Measuring Satisfaction—CMSs send out and assess survey results, gathering feedback from all users

Our bountiful knowledge base is the first stop many Kaptio users make when problem-solving; however, the steady support of a CSM reiterates the value we bring to each partnership. Because our CSM is someone that has been with our clients for the full journey of implementation, they have a rich perspective on pain points, needs, and goals. Think about our CSMs as a mentor ensuring travel booking software best practices, user satisfaction, and achieving desired growth.

Our CSMs work with multiple clients, they easily identify trends and needs across various travel brands and communicate this information to our Product Team. They have a unique perspective making them the perfect advocate for product enhancements.

Supporting with Tourism & Travel Booking Software Experts

Team Kaptio is comprised of multi-disciplinary professionals bringing travel operating knowledge and experience to supporting each of our client’s operations. Take, for example, Steve Farrelly, Director of Transformation; before joining Kaptio, he worked for Rocky Mountaineer and The Travel Corporation. We are devoted to building a team of travel technology experts with hands-on travel industry experience.

Kaptio is on a mission to remove friction points for our clients and their travellers. Travel brands are tasked with identifying friction points for travellers and easing the burden. Operators who don’t solve these challenges will be left behind; personalisation and connected experiences are how brands will retain and gain new customers. Read more about this concept in our blog, Unrivalled Customer Experience with Travel Booking Software.

About Kaptio

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