4 Travel Tech Clients with Stellar Social Media Strategies

Author: Team Kaptio

Kaptio gathers inspiration from our tour operator clients and showcases social media best practices.

Today we look at a few of our customers’ social media profiles to gain inspiration and dive into a few of the strategies we see them using. But first, let’s explore four of our own tips that we have for posting and engaging on social media.

4 Underestimated Social Media Tips for Tour Operators

  1. Finding Appropriate Brands to Create Collaborations—through collaborating with the right businesses, you are able to reach new audiences on your platform of choice. Focus on brands that would be beneficial to your offering that also have your ideal customers as current followers.
  2. Repurpose Social Content—create and use evergreen content. Many times destination videos become evergreen content, but also look back at how your photo posts perform; you may have a new evergreen post on your hands based on the engagement.
  3. Don’t Overlook Pinterest—following the theme of repurposing, think about taking your Instagram content and using it on Pinterest. However, alter the context to solving the Pinner’s problem. Pinterest users are on the platform to find inspiration or a solution to their problem.
  4. User-Generated Content—UGC is content that your travellers create and has a genuine and unfiltered appearance, which speaks well to future guests. Travellers are likely to post photos of themselves having fun. Don't miss out! Hashtags are an easy way to tag along and see the creative, free content your customers are posting.

Below we are taking a peek at four of Kaptio’s customer’s Instagram profiles. We are specifically reviewing Instagram because by looking at the way they have designed their 9-grid, it’s easy to see themes and focused areas. We are by no means suggesting that Instagram is the best and only platform for travel operators. It is important to evaluate which platform your ideal customer spends the most amount of time on and focus your efforts there.

Kaptio’s Travel Tech Clients Showcasing Stellar Social Strategies

Iceland Travel

Iceland Travel does a beautiful job curating images and videos for their social posts. A few things that stand out are how they rotate landmark images with more obscure locations but with imagery that anyone visiting Iceland would expect to see. In this screenshot, we have a mix of must-see Aurora Borealis, iconic and dramatic waterfalls, and a video by a guide showing us a “cosy place.”

They have a great practice of using hashtags and geotags, which is extremely helpful for travellers researching. Uniquely, they used an Instagram story showcasing their Spotify Roadtrip Playlist with Icelantic artists and samples of the music. Lastly, they feature many local photographers and drone pilots, always giving them credit.

Iceland Travel.png


Golfbreaks captivates your attention with the stunning golf resort images, of course, and the mix of people photos—clients and golf pros. They do a fantastic job resharing traveller IG stories to help build a storyline around a destination or tournament. Their use of stories really highlights the details of a trip, such as swag, trophies, fairways, food and beverage.

The Golfbreaks videos are action-packed with beautiful swings and amazing shots. Lastly, their quick and easy questions drive engagement by adding a fun and simple twist to their feed.


Rhino Africa

Rhino Africa’s social strategy is heavy on animal imagery with a great mix of scenery and trip details, for example, photos of safari jeeps, lodging, and guides. Also, Rhino Africa incorporates social media holidays like Elephant Day and World Tourism Day. Their product and destination videos share lovely footage of holiday details with a constant look and feel. Lastly, their photography contests are sure to help bulk up their photo library, keeping their content rich.

Rhino Africa.png

Swain Destinations

Swain Destinations does a fantastic job sprinkling in some personal content to show you the team behind their brand. In this screenshot from their IG feed, we see a family photo from the Swains themselves on holiday. Their carousel posts are inspiring and nicely curated, giving the viewer a lovely sampling of what is to be expected. They showcase a multitude of locations and spotlight the experiences had—from meeting locals to wildlife and tours to culinary delights.

Swain Destinations.png

We are impressed with the use of video throughout all four of these customer examples. Video is such a vital part of a marketing strategy for travel operators. These customers draw the traveller in, speak directly to the audience in captions, and give facts and insider tips making these solid examples of effective marketing strategies.

Travel CRM Systems Tracing the Customer Journey

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