4 Questions: How to Spend Wisely on Travel Tech IT

Author: Team Kaptio

Where to invest—bulking up your organisation or equipping your current team with next-generation technology

Coming out of COVID, tour operators are looking to drive efficiency while meeting traveller expectations. One frequently asked question is, do we invest in ramping up our headcount again or invest in travel tech software to boost performance? Here we are going to explore savvy ways to invest for long-term results.

When choosing to invest in digitally transforming your business, you provide more resources to your current team resulting in task automation, synchronised data, and connecting disconnected systems. This maximises your teams and equips them in offering a customer-centric experience.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Organisation’s Travel Tech Software Needs and Wants

Here’s a list of considerations to help leaders evaluate IT needs:

  1. Understanding all departmental IT needs (plus wishlists) prior to looking for a solution will save you in the end. One department’s needs may tie into another department, and zooming out to see the full picture now will be key. Ask yourself, are all IT needs and wants captured and accounted for?
  2. Focus on things your organisation values and understand what is going to help you deliver on those values. For example, if customer service and satisfaction is a core value, finding a solution that helps you deliver a customer-centric approach and customer service will enable your team to shine. Ask yourself, will this system help your team in personalisation and standing out from the competition?
  3. Consider future scalability and recognising how long a solution will work for you before outgrowing the system, something vital and not to be overlooked. Implementation costs and the time your team spends on training can be a very large expense that could be avoided when choosing a scalable solution. Ask yourself, will this software allow my business to grow, evolve, and meet our future strategic goals?
  4. Ensuring real-time synchronisation between systems with a central customer record not only makes for a smoother operation and improved customer experience, but it can save money. Ask yourself, how many individual software solutions are you paying for and would a single end-to-end solution help my team?

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IT Funds Spent Building vs Buying a SaaS Travel Platform

It’s important to identify if your IT needs can be supported by an existing service allowing you to save money on human capital and development. Read this additional resource for a better understanding, 7 Considerations for Building vs Buying a Travel Tech Platform in 2021.

Your IT team may be proficient in creating customised solutions from the ground up, but it’s fundamental to consider the overall expense and length of time to complete this project. We invite you to think through the idea of procuring a modern, scalable, end-to-end system meeting the immediate needs, plus taking into account future expansion options. This then frees up your IT team to manage the system, continue obtaining customer data supporting a customised experience, and further integrations.

Consider what features are available out-of-the-box saving you money and time. An example of this is Kaptio delivers dashboards for travel providers as a standard feature with our foundation on Dashboards that you can configure to gain insights into your business and for each team member.

Committing to a Detailed Discovery Phase

During the discovery phase, we’ve worked with many customers heavily analysing which path is best for their business, build or buy. Taking your time and analysing your options will lead to smart decision making. The customers that have completed our implementation process have been overwhelmed with the efficiency of our cloud-based, existing solution that resulted in greater than expected streamlining. For more information on smooth migrations read, Successful Blueprint for Implementing Travel Tech Software.

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Calculating the Value of an All-inclusive Travel Tech

Placing a value on eliminating errors and data duplication can be tricky; however, we are willing to say that it’s simply priceless. Having a solution with a single customer record (CRM) shared with everyone in the company enables your team to offer the best customer experience possible. Plus, it is known that businesses that instil a customer-centric approach have higher profits and hold the competitive edge. See what we mean in the ​​6 Reasons Customer-centric Tour Operators have the Competitive Edge.

Wrapping It All Up

We see the shift as travel restarts are tour operators investing in SaaS travel platforms like Kaptio to create a stronger foundation for the current team. This scenario allows operators to grow more strategically with a highly streamlined design.

Lastly, a shameless plug for Kaptio, our travel tech software, has many out-of-the-box features found in a ready to use system. Also, with our core built on the Salesforce Platform, the world’s No 1 CRM, we empower your team to create a customer-centric culture. We incorporate sales, operations, customer service, marketing and finance into one central system streamlining processes for travel operators with endless ways to continue scaling your business. Get in touch to level up your SaaS travel platform.