Are you a Cruise company, Tour Operators or Fully Independent travel operator offering bespoke travel? Do you want to manage your customer journeys to gain huge efficiencies? Do you use Salesforce? Does your travel CRM technology need a Spring clean?

Your product that you’ve put time and effort into needs a robust travel CRM platform to maximise potential, plug any gaps and ultimately offer the best user experience possible. Using an advanced travel CRM platform is key to this, it will enable you to communicate effectively with your customers and build their trust and loyalty to your brand.

Do you need to change your Travel CRM Platform?

At the end of the day your customer wants a unique travel experience that communicates to them as an individual and delivers an excellent service which then reflects well on your travel company and gives them a great experience. If you’re finding your travel CRM legacy system challenging is not doing this and is then read on. 

Top Tips for Choosing a Travel CRM Platform 

  1. Bespoke – Make sure you opt for a bespoke system, one that caters for your specific travel business needs. You want to be able to send individual emails to your customers highlighting key, important information about their holiday and itineraries.
  2. Usability – how easy is it to manage communication with your customer and how straightforward is it for the business to use? This is key when choosing a travel CRM platform. 
  3. Reporting – what worked, what didn’t? What are your customers doing and how does this tie into the bigger picture? How can you use this to optimise future CRM communications?
  4. Data – what does your CRM tell you about your customers and how can you use this to insight and improve? 
  5. Agile – how quickly can you get your new travel CRM software live?
  6. Integration – how does your travel CRM integrate with existing platforms such as Salesforce? 

Our Salesforce-based travel CRM can do all of this and so much more. At Kaptio we will help you build a 360° view of each of your customers. Information can be scheduled and sent at the right time so that all communications are personalised. And at the core of Kaptio’s Travel CRM is a fully-featured Travel Reservation platform so you can service your full customer end to end journey without having to leave Salesforce. The end product? One unified solution!

Our travel platform is truly agile, next-generation and is built on a true Customer Relationship Management platform – not just any old CRM – it’s Salesforce, the world’s No 1 CRM –and it’s straightforward to deploy and use. 

Travel CRM today to find out how we can help.