At this time of year Lovers, old and new, are thinking about Thursday 14th Feb. Dinner dates, date nights, long weekend away.  CTO’s and CIO’s are probably also thinking about Valentines Day.  Wondering if they are going to miss it again this year while they are stuck at the office making sure their systems infrastructure holds up under the pressure of increased bookings,  and that untested bug that only manifests itself under extreme circumstances, doesn’t rear its ugly head.

Every year the CTO/CIO is under pressure at some time or another, making sure the infrastructure can manage the booking peaks yet not overspending on disk capacity and dev support.

With a booking platform built on Salesforce, you will have no such problem.  Salesforce quote that they have a proven reliability of 99.9+% uptime record (see and so you can rest happy knowing that Kaptio’s Next Generation reservation Travel solution is built on the Salesforce platform so you can enjoy time with your loved one.